Hotel for experiences in Rome centre

Choose U Visionary, hotel for experiences in Rome centre, and explore a previously unseen and little-known Rome with our selected tours. In addition to iconic museums and monuments, we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in local events and festivals to experience the city in unique, out-of-the-box ways. Our goal is for you to discover the hidden corners and authentic gems of Rome.

SHOW COOKING: A Unique Gastronomic Experience.

Immerse yourself in the secrets of typical Roman cuisine through our show cooking. You will have the opportunity to discover the capital's vibrant gastronomic scene while savoring authentic culinary delights. Our experienced chefs will share traditional recipes and guide you through the art of preparing local dishes.

Hotel for activities and tours in Rome

SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Style and Elegance in Rome

Let a style and image expert guide you on our customized shopping tours. Explore the capital's most exclusive boutiques in search of the perfect garment that reflects your style. With personalized advice, you'll enjoy a unique and authentic shopping experience in the heart of Rome.

PHOTO TOUR: Immortalize Rome with a Click

Join an expert photographer for a tour filled with interesting cityscapes and architecture. Discover Rome's hidden nooks and crannies through the camera lens and get professional advice to improve your photography skills. Make your own photo reportage, capturing the unique beauty of the Eternal City.

Choose U-Visionary, hotel for experiences in Rome centre. Our range of activities will allow you to explore the city's culture, gastronomy, and beauty in new and engaging ways.